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Discovery Graffiato Paint

Excellent Ultra Violet (UV) resistant and colour retention and adhesion on various surfaces..


Discovery Graffiato is a ready mixed coating composed of high quality exterior durable Styrene Acrylic Co-polymer emulsion and weather resistant pigments, with special graded silica granules

Why use Graffiato Paint

Long Lasting

Persisting or enduring for a long time. when application is done, it capable to resist weather conditions .from it best quality, the sunshine reveals it glossy surface that protects or adds colour to a surface to which it has been applied.

Best Treatment

Discovery Graffiato is formulated with special type of fungicides and algaecides reduces efflorescence, resisting alkaline hydrolysis, and tropical fungus, algae and mould growth both on the surface and under the surface.Discovery Graffiato is the best when it comes to wall treatment.


Able to resist wear, decay. lasting and enduring.More or most likely not to be exposed to the chance of being attacked or harmed or damaged physically. it is also better than the average superior due to exception or rarity.

Best Finish

The final work or application of the paint enhances the attractiveness of the whole structure and show what a painted structure must look like. it easy to wash of with water when stained. This paint is exceptional by adding features.

High Paint Coverage

The thickness of the paint makes it usage convenient due to the amount of what is applied. The substance is applied as a liquid or paste, and dries into a solid coating and fill up any tiny hole on a surface.

Easy And Perfect Absorbent

It has excellent Ultra Violet (UV) resistant and colour retention and adhesion on various surfaces.

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Madina Ashally Botwe, 3rd Gate near Shell filling station.

Yes we have professional painters trained specially to apply it.

Its a Ghanaian made product.

It can be applied on surfaces such as Concrete, Plaster, Brickwork, Plywood and Flow surfaces. 

Clients Testimonial

We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple and easy communication
Mr Fred
I can now have a sound sleep because I wont be thinking of re-painting my house every year. Thanks to Discovery Graffiato Paint you are the best
Mr Ashong
I live in a water logged area and because of that my walls were ripping off until a friend introduced to me Discovery graffiato paint and today my walls are looking beautiful with an amazing designs
Madam Angela

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