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About Us

DSL Discovery Graffiato was born in 2007 and is now 13 years old. Not many companies can boast of such a heritage. It is a heritage to be proud of the history of DSL Discovery the history of the industrialised world. DSL Discovery Graffiato is today one of the names in paints and coatings industry.
At Discovery Graffiato we give great importance to building close relationships with our customers and suppliers. Consistency of product quality that meets the client’s expectations is always of high priority to the company.

Our products can be found on

  • Commercial and Office Towers
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Airport Terminals and other transport hubs
  • Residential houses and apartments

The product range includes Interior and Exterior Emulsions, Alkyd Enamels and varnishes for wood and metal surfaces, waterproofing products, Tennis Court and Floor coatings for both the building industry and consumer market.The range also includes Graffiato and other weather resistant textured finishes.

Discovery Graffiato has always been a pioneer in the introduction of innovative coating solutions which address typical problems encountered in Mediterranean buildings.Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction and therefore we always aim to provide customers with products, which help achieve the best results in their painting projects.

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